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FOR 9-1-1


Hey, Im Cindy, 

 I help public safety leaders across the globe achieve massive success and build resilience in the face of constant change, stress and trauma

Building resilience & excellence across your
team, systems & agency.

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“Cindy is a champion and a fierce advocate for public safety leaders, professionals, and their organizations. She's the 9-1-1 for 9-1-1"

Award-winning Public Safety consultant, educator & speaker for industry-leading Emergency Services agencies and teams, worldwide.


If you’re working in the public safety industry, then you know this isn’t a job…. it’s a calling. I didn’t choose the 9-1-1 life… the 9-1-1 life chose me. 


For 25 years I’ve served as: a 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatcher, a flight and ground paramedic, a trainer & QA/QI specialist, and 14-years as a Deputy Chief who led teams for 9-1-1, Police, Fire & EMS Services. Feels important to highlight I was often one of the few women in these roles.


I’m a personal mastery junky and lifelong learner with a Master’s Degree in Leadership. I’m a certified EQi (emotional intelligence) practitioner, and trauma and resilience educator. 


With Cindy Sparrow International (CSI), I help public safety leaders across the globe achieve massive success and build resilience in the face of constant change, stress and trauma.


Cindy actually gets it...

“Oh my God! You get it! Finally, someone who understands what we’re facing in our 9-1-1 Center! Nobody else here gets what running the Communications Division takes in this Department!”


- Lieutenant H., 9-1-1 Police Communications

Cindy is Featured in ..

Our industry is moving faster than ever before. 


Call volume is increasing, public expectation is increasing, demand for

technology and operational upgrades are increasing. 

But guess what isn't increasing...

....Our staffing, resources, and budgets. (wtf?)

The gap between where we are and where we need to be feels like it keeps growing.

It’s because we’re dealing with sh*t like:


  • A staffing crisis of epic proportions – we are so understaffed and can’t get ahead

  • It’s tough to attract and retain (the right) people in our agencies

  • Less money in the budget, less time in the day, and MORE change than we’ve ever faced before

  • Burnout, overwhelm and crappy workplace culture from top to bottom

  • Your Frontline Staff and YOU (their leader) are T-I-R-E-D AF



It probably feels like you’re trapped in a vicious game of  “whack-a-mole”.

The small changes you make only work for a short time and then a new problem pops up in its place.


If this feels like you or the agency you lead, take a breath, my friend.


You’re in the right place.

Public Safety Agencies are being called to shift

Cindy Sparrow International

Let’s ditch the overwhelm so you can be the leader your team needs through the ups and downs 

These are the 3 ways we can help you create the shifts you want and need

(multiple choice was always my fave)



Public Safety Consulting

Get expert support for your agency's change initiatives and projects.

Together, we’ll tackle people,

process, technology, and facility

projects – all the important

things it takes to run a

top-notch emergency services




The Shift Group Program for Leaders

Become a next-level leader with this premier group consulting program for Public Safety leaders.

Find out how to lead through change, trauma and stress in this 6-month, high-touch group consulting program.



Mental Health & Resilience Training

Stress & trauma exposure are a reality in our industry. We'll help you understand, navigate and address the occupational hazards of this work so you and your team stay healthy, effective and engaged.


Get expert support from a trusted industry authority who's walked a freakin' mile in your boots!

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