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First responders do the most challenging & rewarding work that not everyone can do. It’s why we have to take care of each other

✓ You look forward to your workday, because there’s enough time and support to get the important things done

✓ Your team feels supported like never before – you’re their champion and they’re thriving through the ups and downs of the work

✓ Your staffing issues improve – you have a high-performing, engaged team, and the work culture is healthy

✓ Projects are being implemented, your team has the mental and physical bandwidth to manage change

✓ You have the space and freedom to really make your difference (and those things that used to keep you up at night are gone)

✓ You’re getting (really cool and important) shit done without the soul-crushing overwhelm and stress that used to nip at your heels all damn day

My friend, imagine how you’ll feel as a leader when…


Cindy Sparrow International takes care of you,
so you can take care of them.

The CSI Triage Approach to sustainable leadership change

If you’re ready to transform your leadership and make a difference to your department

- without losing your time, energy and happiness - you’re in the right place.

CSI’s consulting and programs gives you and your teams the

wraparound support you need to make the shift happen.


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How we can support you












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Your Agency

Public Safety Consulting

Get expert support from industry authorities for your agency’s change initiatives and projects

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You DON’T need more work. You need a trusted advisor who can come in and connect with you and your team to embed the systems and process for change. We’ll see where you are today, what your vision for success is, and then create the roadmap and the change leadership to get you there!

We help you dominate your most important projects:

- Understand your current environment from every angle

- Unpack your vision for a successful future

- Design a roadmap for success: identify what it will take to get you from here to there

- Walk beside you and help you implement it

- Apply our powerful change management methodology the whole way – PEOPLE are at the heart and soul of every project and initiative we touch

Transform your Agency
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Your Leadership

The Shift Group Program for Leaders

Become a next-level leader with The Shift - a premier group consulting program for Public Safety leaders.


Get the skills, tools and capacities to lead your team, without stress and complexity.


This is 6-month high-touch leadership consulting experience:


- Phase 1: 12 weeks of high-caliber intensive content delivery to transform your leadership

- Certified EQ assessment so you understand your leadership style and how that fits with your team

- Weekly laser focused group coaching sessions where you can bring any challenge (personal or professional) and find solutions

- Phase 2: 12 more weeks of group coaching to give you the support and space to implement your new skills and tools while being supremely supported

- A community of like minded and amazing Public Safety leaders to learn with and from

- You become a next level leader – you emerge graduate with the awareness and tools to create success on rinse and repeat…

It's not leadership training... it's leadership Transformation!

Transform your Leadership
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Your Team

Mental Health & Resilience Training 

Mental health, organizational health & resilience education & integration for you & your team.

Stress & trauma exposure and mental health injuries are a reality in our industry. The impacts and effects on ourselves, our teams and our families are inevitable. Our custom programs help you understand, navigate, and address the occupational hazards of work. With the right tools and supports in place your people will stay healthy, effective, and engaged in this challenging work.

You can access online and in person programs:

- Workshops for mental health & resilience in Public Safety professions

- Culture

- Unconscious Bias

- Emotional Intelligence assessments & workshops for your team

- Keynote speaking and on site workshops for your teams or groups

Transform your team

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