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Sparrow International

The leading Public Safety Consultant for First Responders

aka: The 9-1-1 for 9-1-1

We help Emergency Services leaders transform their agencies to better serve their people and their communities

Less Burnout - Less Turnover - More Lives Saved

About Me


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired AF of saying goodbye to my sisters and brothers

Good people are leaving their jobs because they don’t have the systems and support they need.

Or worse…

And the stats we face are scary:


  • In a recent study, more than 50% of public safety personnel screened positive for one or more mental health injuries or disorders

  • First responders are 10x more likely to experience PTSD as compared to the general population

  • Women are among the highest at risk for suicide in the public safety industry

Public safety agencies are in a constant state of crisis trying to deal with this critical matter.

Part of the problem is we haven’t admitted (and normalized) that we are all going to be impacted by mental health injuries in this profession.

As leaders, it’s up to us to close this gap and implement the systems and support our first responders need before, during and after they are exposed to stress and trauma in their work.  

When you provide wraparound support for your people, you save more lives in your community, 

AND on the frontlines.

At Cindy Sparrow International, we help you take care of your people 

I'm Cindy.


CEO & Founder of Cindy Sparrow International, a public safety consultancy specializing in mission critical projects & education and training for 9-1-1 & public safety departments worldwide

… fueled by nature, Americanos & a sweet Spotify playlist. 


I’m a champion, voice and advocate for Public Safety professionals – the women and men who serve our communities.

I’ve worked on both sides of the radio - in the 9-1-1 center and out in the field.


Let’s flashback to 1996 (cue Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, and The Tragically Hip blaring from my ‘91 Daytona).


I answered phone lines for local businesses and the fire and ambulance in small town Alberta (no 9-1-1 service at the time). 


When I answered the emergency lines, I found I had a knack for organizing chaos, seeing the big picture issues and knowing how to solve them, and remaining calm and collected for people in their deepest moment of need. 


I found my calling (or did it find me?).


27 years later, I’ve been a flight and ground paramedic, a 9-1-1 Dispatcher, and served 14-years as Deputy Chief leading teams in 9-1-1, Fire, EMS and Police.  


I hold a Master’s Degree in Leadership. I’m a trauma and resilience educator, and an EQi (emotional intelligence) practitioner.


Throughout my career, I’ve helped move the industry forward, serving on boards, working groups and associations.

I’ve served as Past-President for APCO Canada, a Director for Alberta E9-1-1 Advisory Association & serve as President of NENA Canada West.

On the frontlines, I’ve experienced the challenging work we do, and the impacts it’s had on me and my sisters and brothers. 


I know what this job does.


As a leader, I know the constant change and complexity we face daily - and the need to move our agencies forward while taking care of our teams.


I left the frontlines so I can help leaders like you improve the work and the lives of the women and men in public safety. 


CSI will help you build a roadmap to move your agency forward and to support your people while you do it. 


So your agency has better tools to provide life saving work in the community. 

And your team has better tools to manage the challenges that are inevitable in this work.

Are you ready to start this journey with me?

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Leave me your deets below and we’ll get a call booked faster than I can binge-watch the latest season of Ted Lasso (and that’s fast).

See you soon,

Let's make Shift  Happen...

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